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"ASBC" Limited Liability Company
Sertificate № 1403779711, issued 10.08.2017
Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic 1403779711
Date of registration in the State Register of the Republic of Azerbaijan: 08.05.2017
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ASBC provided the client with MacBook Pros with enhanced configurations and MacBook Airs. Custom Macs are optimal for designers, developers, and anyone needing maximum performance. The lightweight and portable MacBook Air is ideal for mobile employees —those frequently traveling, working remotely, or moving around the office with their laptops, such as HR specialists. 50% of Uzum's office staff choose Apple for their project work.

Uzum representatives approached ASBC to update their equipment and choose devices that suit their employees' needs. Apart from the inherent advantages of Apple devices, the choice of Apple technology is also linked to employee motivation.

Uzum is a major IT holding in Uzbekistan, comprising a marketplace, installment payment service, two banks, and a food delivery service. The company employs over 10 000 people, and more than 10 million residents of the country use Uzum’s services monthly.

Alena Seneva, HR Director of the Uzum ecosystem:

— If a person wants to work on a Mac and receives it, it boosts their professional motivation and effectiveness. It also helps new employees adapt to their workplace.

— We chose ASBC as our partner because they are the official Apple reseller in Uzbekistan with solutions for Enterprise companies. They respond promptly to our requests and resolve them efficiently. If technical issues arise, ASBC is always ready to provide support.

Dmitry Ten, Junior System Administrator at Uzum:

Alif is one of the largest fintech companies in Central Asia, providing financial services and developing its own software. They are also working on a blockchain project and expanding the banking sector in Uzbekistan. Alif's unique customer base in Uzbekistan exceeds 1 million people.

Beyond the ecosystem, stable performance, and high residual value of Macs, Alif's experts prefer Apple products for their security and reliability.

Iskandar Rahimov, Team Lead at Alif Tech:

— As a fintech company, Alif must eliminate any risks that could lead to financial losses. Apple helps us achieve this.

— We work with ASBC because they provide us with technical support. We can reach out with questions at any time and get quick responses. If we need new devices, ASBC delivers them on time. Plus, the transparency of the deal: warranty, competitive price, and easy payment. - summarized Iskandar Rahimov.

The introduction of Rally Bar allowed Crunchyroll employees to work effectively in a hybrid format: maintaining impeccable connections with the international team has become much more comfortable.

Video conferencing is an essential part of Crunchyroll employees' daily work. With Logitech's conference room equipment, we have enhanced the effectiveness of video meetings to a new level.

Crunchyroll International is an independent joint venture between Sony Pictures Entertainment of the United States and Aniplex of Japan. The company supports the art of anime for the sake of loyal fans around the world by streaming movies and series. Crunchyroll's office in Kishenev is the largest outside the United States and the third largest in the world.

ASBC offered Crunchyroll conference room equipment with excellent value— Logitech's Rally Bar video bars. They feature superb optics and sound, along with convenient control through built-in AI technology. Calls with Rally Bar are as natural and productive as face-to-face collaboration. Besides supplying the equipment, ASBC provided technical support to maintain stable device performance.

The MacBook procurement project greatly enhanced the loyalty and productivity of Simpals employees: they received devices suited to their professional duties. It also reduced staff turnover: meeting their needs was key to increasing employee loyalty. As a result, Apple devices make up 95% of the company's equipment.

Simpals Group is a market leader in internet advertising in Moldova. Their main areas of activity include internet services, internet advertising, 3D animation, and sports events.

Simpals chose ASBC as their supplier for customized MacBooks models with enhanced configurations tailored specifically to the needs of their specialists.

With ASBC's extensive experience in the IT industry, we began our collaboration with an in-depth process analysis, identified key employee needs, and offered Simpals favorable purchase conditions.

Financial services such as Trade-in (crediting the value of old equipment towards new purchases) and BuyBack (buying back equipment after its depreciation period). This significantly reduced costs, optimized the budget, and avoided issues with storing and disposing of old devices.

Quick delivery of CTO MacBooks: popular configurations are kept in stock, so the client does not need to wait the standard 6-8 weeks or put business processes on hold or freeze funds.

Integrating advanced Logitech solutions into IT Garage's workflow improved the quality of video communication and increased team productivity. The number of successful and uninterrupted meetings with Logitech Rally Bar has increased by 50%.

IT Garage - an international fintech company with an office in Tbilisi. Its mission is to create a modern and efficient IT landscape for its clients.

IT Garage needed video conferencing equipment to optimize work time usage and eliminate technical errors during negotiations.

ASBC conducted a detailed analysis of IT Garage's hybrid work format, identified key departmental needs, and determined the frequency and specifics of online negotiations. We then proposed a solution that best suited the tasks of IT Garage's employees and the sizes of their meeting rooms.

We equipped 7 conference rooms with Logitech Rally Bar equipment. These devices feature automatic camera focus and light balance optimization, as well as high-quality sound with noise cancellation.

We trained staff on how to use Logitech solutions with Microsoft, Zoom, and Teams platforms.

Installed and configured the equipment.

Provided technical support.

ASBC proposed transitioning Playtika employees to high-performance MacBook Pro laptops. This solution significantly enhanced employee comfort and productivity, reducing the number of technical issues and IT support requests. According to Jamf research, only 5% of macOS users required tech support compared to 40% among PC users.

Playtika Holding Corp. — Israeli digital entertainment company and a leader in the development and publishing of mobile games. In 2021, Playtika had over 35 million monthly active users.

Playtika faced the need to optimize the use of technical resources and reduce service center visits. Using personal computers caused work delays, employee stress, and additional costs for technical support.

ASBC provided a convenient and free account in Apple Business Manager (ABM), integrated with Jamf software. Jamf is a specialized solution for managing Apple devices in a corporate environment, allowing remote configuration, updates, and protection of the device fleet.

The integration of the Jamf solution enabled Playtika to manage the entire device fleet with a single click, ensuring timely updates and enhancing IT security.

Thanks to the collaboration with ASBC, Playtika achieved the following results:

Reduced the number of service requests and increased employee productivity.

Increased staff loyalty by providing the convenience of working with high-performance Apple technology.

Optimized IT infrastructure management and reduced operational costs for technical support.

Improved data security and ensured the reliability of the company’s IT systems.

Collaboration with ASBC has helped Playtika significantly enhance business efficiency and ensure the smooth operation of IT infrastructure, which has been a key factor in achieving higher performance and employee satisfaction.

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KapitalBank is one of the leading financial institutions in Azerbaijan with over 140 years of history. It boasts the largest service network in the country, making it a key player in the regional financial market.

KapitalBank faced the need to modernize its IT infrastructure to ensure high operational reliability, enhance data security, and improve efficiency of workflows.

ASBC offered a comprehensive solution using Apple products and related technologies, tailored to the specific needs of the banking sector and KapitalBank.

ASBC facilitated KapitalBank’s transition from PCs to Apple devices (MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone). This solution was specifically tailored to banking processes, providing a high level of security and functionality.

Implementing the JAMF MDM solution simplified the management of the device fleet, enabling quick setup, updates, and monitoring. This, in turn, enhanced data security and compliance with information security standards.

ASBC organized training for KapitalBank employees on macOS, supporting a smooth transition to the new technology platform and enhancing their professional skills.

ASBC provided a flexible approach to addressing the bank's needs, ensuring rapid responses to requirements and a comfortable working environment for employees. Logitech VCS Solutions for Video Communication: The supply of Logitech video conferencing solutions improved the quality of online meetings and ensured uninterrupted internal communication within the bank.

The partnership with ASBC brought significant benefits to KapitalBank:

Enhanced operational reliability and data security.

Improved customer service quality and employee work comfort.

Effective use of new technologies to optimize work processes.

ASBC has significantly contributed to the improvement of PrivatBank’s operations by conducting a thorough analysis of internal business processes, key department functionalities, and security requirements. The efficiency of employees, reduction of routine processes, and data security are crucial for maintaining a leading position in the country’s financial sector.

PrivatBank – the largest and most dynamically growing bank in Ukraine, offers a full range of banking services to both corporate and private clients. With a network of 3,390 branches across the country, it ensures accessibility and convenience for every customer.

ASBC offered to upgrade PrivatBank equipment to Apple technology. The implementation of MacBooks, iPads and iPhones ensured efficient operations through the unified Apple ecosystem, which significantly increased productivity.

Fast Data Migration to macOS: Seamless data transfer from old devices without losing critical information, ensuring a smooth transition without delays.

Security and Easy Management: Setting up and implementing the JAMF MDM solution has allowed remote device management without additional investments and time loss. IT specialists can quickly configure all devices, install the latest updates, and encrypt information without concerns over confidentiality.

Training and Customized Solutions: ASBC conducted training for employees on macOS and JAMF, and provided a tailored solution with partial product shipments and stock formation tailored to the client’s needs.

With the adoption of Apple technology, PrivatBank has dramatically improved the quality and speed of customer service.

Data security and reliability have reached new heights, and high-performance equipment has become the standard for management and staff in the branches.

Cost optimization was achieved through a significant reduction in service requests.

The introduction of iPads facilitated the realization of a "paperless office" system, completely eliminating the need for employees to print documents.

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Today, Centrul Diagnostic German is the only clinic in Moldova using Apple Mac Pro for creating three-dimensional images during pregnancy ultrasound. Apple technologies enable medical professionals to obtain precise and detailed results. The service level at Centrul Diagnostic German meets global standards.

Centrul Diagnostic German medical center employs a European approach to client care, providing high-quality diagnostic services. Its advantages include expertise and modern medical equipment.

Centrul Diagnostic German approached ASBC for equipment procurement for pregnancy ultrasound scanning. The clinic required technology ensuring precise and detailed screening, as well as fast processing and real-time data storage.

This complex project required a comprehensive approach and high capabilities. Therefore, we offered Centrul Diagnostic German professional workstations with unprecedented performance - Apple Mac Pro.

ASBC is an official Apple reseller in Moldova. Therefore, we delivered even complex equipment like Mac Pro within the shortest possible timeframe. We ensured reliability and security throughout the integration stages, preventing any work delays for the medical center.

Technical support and staff training: we provided full technical support and trained the staff. As a result, the new equipment was seamlessly integrated into the workflow from day one.