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We offer and integrate the best solutions based on the products of Apple and other brands.

Our status and experience of working with vendors such as Apple, Lenovo, Dell, LG, Prestigio, Logitech, HP, Cisco, Ubiquity, Microsoft, Kaspersky allow us to meet most of the needs of our partners and provide comprehensive solutions for business clients.

Apple in business

Discover the gold standard for developers: the MacBook.

More than 80% of companies whose activities are related to information technology use Mac as a working tool. This was stated by experts of the analytical company Forrester Research.

Experts believe that any technology and devices seriously affect the daily and professional experience of your employees, their loyalty and involvement in the process, and, therefore, the quality of services and the success of your business.

The solution includes:
A solution for meeting rooms
Back Office workspace
Mobile Back Office workspace
Designer's workspace
Developer's workspace
Top manager's workspace
The world is constantly changing, and the rules of doing business are changing along with it. The financial industry is no exception. Use Apple technology to rethink all of your company's business processes. It will allow you to implement new and effective tools for work, help employees perform any tasks easily and smoothly, and create a pleasant impression with customers. Enhance your positioning and scale your business.

The solution includes:
Back Office workspace
Top manager's workspace
A solution for meeting rooms
Manager's Mobile Back Office workspace

Medicine and pharmaceuticals are always learning about cutting-edge technologies and solutions. And Apple devices are making a big difference in health care. They help people take better care of their health. And for doctors, it helps them see the big picture.

So use Apple products in the hospital because they reduce costs and labor costs, build trust with your customers, and help your business thrive.

The solution includes:
A solution for meeting rooms
Mobile workspace
Mobile Back Office workspace
Back Office workspace
Digital transformation of business processes in the retail segment with the introduction of powerful, intuitive in use and most importantly safe Apple products that are easy for the manager to control, takes your business to a whole new level.

The mobility, accuracy and speed of counting, receiving of goods, processing of orders in the sales floor and in the warehouse, will allow you not to lose days of sales and increase the bottom line.

Unlock new ways to work together through the Apple ecosystem and ABM implementations to find new revenue streams, improve the customer experience, increase productivity and reduce costs.

A solution for meeting rooms
Mobile workspace
Mobile Back Office workspace
Back Office workspace
The solution includes:

Unlock the power of education with iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. These devices help teachers create their own approach to learning. And they keep students engaged during every lesson.

It also helps students and teachers improve their performance and memory and creativity.

The solution includes:
Educational place computer class
Educational place mobile class
Administrator's workspace

Business services

This will allow trading in your eligible device for credit toward your next Apple purchase.
Training on the use of Apple technology in business, as well as on MDM solutions (Jamf).
This is a way to upgrade your fleet of office computer equipment and reduce costs. The service guarantees that your devices will be bought back after the depreciation period has expired.
Software to remotely manage, configure and protect corporate devices and the information stored on them.
Higher performance Apple computers, built specifically for your needs. Change the RAM, graphics card, processor and other components.
Custom MacBook
A service that protects equipment from costly repairs even after the standard warranty period has expired.
Extended warranty


Complete range of accessories and peripherals
Special pricing
for products with project registration
Free testing
Loyalty program
for employees
Service and warranty service

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Frequently asked Questions
If you didn't find the answer to your question, write us
Frequently asked Questions


If you didn't find the answer to your question, write us

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