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MacBook Pro's residual value is higher than PC's after 3 years
500 $
up to
of employees choose Apple for work
increases by 104 hours per year labor productivity thanks to the comfort of the employee.
monthly cost of MacBook Pro
39 $

What will the MacBook bring to your business?

Saving employee time is saving company resources.
For example, business processes in a company. MDM solutions allow you to remotely configure an employee's laptop, wherever he is: in the office or at home.

Optimize your workforce.
For a medium-sized company, only 1 IT admin in the state is enough.
Simplify everything,
which can be simplified.
If a laptop is stolen or lost, an IT employee can remotely erase all important information.
Save money and company reputation.
With quick access to all the controls you need, navigating your MacBook is easier than ever.
Security for every device.
Privacy for everyone.
The most innovative companies run on Mac. 84% of the world's top innovators such as Salesforce, SAP, and Target are operating and deploying Macs at scale.
Employee loyalty.
Continuous access to new features thanks to the ease and availability of software updates across generations of products.
Easy software update.
From device to device in the workflow thanks to the Apple ecosystem. Everything works as a single organism when the hardware and software are from the same manufacturer.
Fast switching.

Immerse yourself in a variety of models.

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MacBook Pro 14.2" Apple M1 Pro (8C CPU/14C GPU), 16 ГБ, 512 ГБ, Space Grey, 2021
The results are better, the battery is lighter with the incredible M1 Pro chip. Experience its power and performance: edit 8K video, compile code, and render complex 3D scenes.
MacBook Pro 16.2" Apple M1 Pro (10C CPU/16C GPU), 16 ГБ, 512 ГБ, Space Grey, 2021
The super-fast M1 Max chip delivers phenomenal performance and surprisingly long battery life. This is the laptop that will take you to the next level.
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Mac in 3 years you will sell for 610 $, and PC for 137 $

Put together a picture that would reflect the real costs associated with Mac, and take into account all aspects of its subsequent use.
The calculation is for informational purposes only.
Total Cost of Ownership:
Device cost
2 034 $
1 368 $
1 167 $
583 $
1 750 $
Required software
Optional equipment
120 $
570 $
50 $
0 $
Residual value
2 333 $
137 $
Additional IT management
Tech support
759 $
2 917 $
162 $
540 $
Electricity consumption
Based on data from companies surveyed in the Forrester Total Economic ImpactTM of Mac in Enterprise: M1 Update, published July 2021. Companies should use their estimates within the framework presented in the Forrester study to understand their costs and time savings.
3,58 $
14 $
Savings over 3 years of using a Mac
4 $
43 $
911 $
0 $
3 500 $
Required software
Tech support
Device cost
Electricity consumption

Using a Mac in business is beneficial.

Apple computers do not require additional anti-malware software.
Together with high reliability and fast adoption of the device, the MacBook saves a lot of company resources.
It has the OS and application updates necessary for the operation of the software free of charge.
High residual value at the end of its useful life.

And even more pleasant with unique B2B services:

Allows you to reduce the company's capital expenditures for updating the technical fleet of devices.
It's time to upgrade your Intel Mac to MacBook Pro M1 with Trade-in.
Buying out your current fleet now with a subsequent reduction in the cost of buying a new one.
Purchase of a new technical park with the conclusion of an agreement for the mandatory purchase of these devices, according to pre-agreed conditions, at the end of the depreciation period.
Guaranteed right to sell on pre-agreed terms (in case of BuyBack)
High residual and appraised value of Apple products
No need for storage and disposal of devices
This is a reduction in cost and depreciation
Additional benefit
when making a
BuyBack/ Trade-in
+ 30%
Valid in case of detection of manufacturing defects and warranty-included breakdowns.
Extend Apple's standard warranty by
1 or 2 years
Extended Warranty
for one year
for two years

Let's take a closer look at the MacBook Pro.

Using a MacBook at work means taking a big step towards growing your business.

Saving employee time equals saving company resources.
Processor performance
Quad-core Intel Core i7 processor 13" MacBook Pro
M1 Max with the 10-core processor
M1 Pro with the 10-core processor
M1 Pro with the 10-core processor
M1 Max with the 10-core processor
Octa-core Intel Core i9 processor 16" MacBook Pro
M1 Max with 32-core GPU
14" MacBook Pro with Intel Iris Plus
Adobe Photoshop
GPU performance
M1 Pro with 16-core GPU
M1 Max with 32-core GPU
16" MacBook Pro with Radeon Pro 5600M and 8GB HBM2
M1 Pro with 16-core GPU
MacBook Pro gives you the freedom to work where, how and for as long as you want.
MDM solutions allow you to deploy MacBooks wherever your employees are.

Control your Mac just like you control any other mobile device.
Team around the world.
At IBM, only 5% of Mac users needed tech support, compared to about 40% of PC users.
Mac comes with built-in malware and virus protection, giving you the freedom to choose what, how, and with whom you share.
Mac system security for business.
Access keys are a more secure and easier way to log in than passwords. End-to-end encrypted and protected from phishing and website leaks, they are stronger than all common types of two-factor authentication.
Smart Tracking Prevention - Safari automatically protects your browsing privacy by working in conjunction with Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which prevents advertisers from tracking your browsing behavior.

Touch ID lets you unlock your MacBook, automatically enter your passcode, use Apple Pay, and download an app with just one tap.

FileVault encrypts all your data for added security. So whatever you do, Mac helps keep your corporate information secure.

A recent Jamf Employee Choice survey found that if given a choice, approximately 3 out of 4 employees would choose Apple to work with.
Employee loyalty.
or 5%, productivity increases thanks to the comfort of the employee.
hours a year
of Fortune 500 companies have Apple devices.
Today, there are more than 1 billion users of Apple products in the world.
1 000 000 000
Join the loyalty program and get special price offers.
Favorable conditions on MacBook Pro for your employees.
Employee retention
Positioning and reputation of the company in the eyes of employees
Strengthening your own loyalty program
Simplicity and gratuitous implementation
Motivation of employees that affects the results of the company
Creation of corporate values

Work process

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