5 reasons to integrate the Logitech Tap into your meeting room

Hybrid meetings have become the norm for many types of businesses. Hiring employees from anywhere in the world, managing branch offices, meeting with customers and partners - you can do it all during video conferencing.

If regular calls are part of your job, you need the Logitech Tap. It's a touch controller with wireless and HDMI communication. Like the missing piece of the puzzle, it ties together all the equipment in the meeting room and opens up more videoconferencing possibilities.

1. One-touch connectivity and control

Logitech Tap is designed to make organizing and participating in online meetings simple and intuitive. The controller integrates with video conferencing systems to synchronize your calendars, send files from your HDMI-connected PC, and join a call with a single tap.

You can also use the Logitech Tap to control the full functionality of Rally, the video conferencing suite.

And you can change the camera angle right on the touchscreen and control room settings such as temperature and lighting. One Tap instead of all remotes.

2. 24/7 availability
With the Logitech Tap, you're always connected when you need to be. Because it's equipped with a motion sensor so it's always ready to use. And every time you walk into your meeting room, turn on the lights, or start talking, the Logitech Tap automatically wakes your tech from sleep mode. To join a meeting, just tap the screen.

3. Seamless integration with partner solutions
The Logitech Tap makes your meetings with local and remote collaborators more efficient. The controller itself and the Logitech suite of conference room solutions integrate seamlessly with leading video conferencing services. Tap works with Google, Microsoft and Zoom. For example, it's easy to connect your PC to Zoom Room using wireless networking or HDMI.

4. Well-Designed Details
The Logitech Tap has a sleek, modern look. The 10.1" touchscreen features an anti-glare and oleophobic coating. Low profile with a 14° angle raises the device to a comfortable viewing height. If you want, you can connect the device to your computer via USB port and use it as an additional display with touch control. It's incredibly convenient when you're working together. You can use the Logitech Sync platform to control the Logitech Tap, as well as other equipment in your conference room.

5. Easy installation
The Logitech Tap fits into any meeting room, no matter how big or small. The controller can be placed on a surface or hung on the wall: table and pendant mounts are included and rotate 180 degrees for improved visibility. Cables are routed through the back panel or a hole on the bottom. By the way, thanks to the long USB-cable (10 meters) the device can be placed near the participants, even if the computer itself is in the cabinet, on another table or out of sight.
Free test drive in your office

It's better to see once than hear a hundred times. We offer you a free test drive of the Tap in your office. To get the most out of the controller, it's better to use it together with Logitech Rally meeting room equipment - a compact device with a video camera, speakers and microphone system.

It's very simple: an ASBC employee will bring the devices to your office, set them up and show you how everything works. It's the easiest way to experience the Logitech universe.

Submit a request in the feedback form, and our manager will contact you with all the details.