Expanding horizons: how do you assemble a team spread across the globe?

Modern business is adapting to new market conditions. Whereas previously the classic five-day schedule with mandatory presence in the office from 9 to 18 was favored, today companies are actively establishing remote employment.

Why has the remote format of work become so popular, how to establish a smooth process of the team, dispersed around the world, and what tools are needed for this? We tell you in the new material.
Top 3 reasons why remote working is a good idea

A few years ago, companies began to actively implement a system of "plushes" to attract new employees. Favorable prices for the company's products and services, free coffee, delicious cookies and shortened Fridays are good bonuses. Their absence today is already bad form.

After the pandemic in 2020, another "magnet" was added to this list. Then office employees were allowed to work from home. The crisis passed, but many companies retained the right for the team to work more flexible hours. After all, it turned out that this format has many advantages.

  1. Hiring workers all over the world. Large companies compete for great professionals who are dispersed in different cities and countries. By offering them remote work regardless of where they live, a company gains a strong advantage over its competitors.
  2. Cost Optimization. By allowing employees to work from home at least a few times a week, a company reduces its costs. This is made possible by not having to rent large office spaces, pay for travel tickets and travel expenses for employees. In addition, the cost of employing really strong specialists in other countries can be lower.
  3. Productivity gains. According to Perceptyx research, people have quickly adapted to working from home. Employee loyalty and efficiency increased significantly as a result of being less tired, saving time on the road, and being able to focus more on themselves and their families.
By the way, analysts are sure that following the transition to "remote work", the market is expecting another change - the four-day format of work. Icelandic scientists conducted the first study on the effectiveness of reducing the working week. From 2015 to 2019, employees worked 30-35 hours a week instead of 40 hours for the same pay. It turned out that their productivity not only did not fall, but even increased. According to the employees themselves, this was possible thanks to the work-life balance they found.

Why are some companies not happy about the new trend?

The reasons for resistance can vary. For example, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings said in his interview with the Wall Street Journal that "not being able to meet in person, especially internationally, is a valid disadvantage."

Another reason is the bad experience of other companies. Or even a reluctance to rearrange established traditions. This is understandable: everything new is always viewed with caution, mistakes are inevitable, and it takes time for the system to get back on track. But the modern world dictates new rules, which means that you need to change your thinking and approach to work.

The experience of well-known companies confirms that it is much more effective to adopt and develop new trends than to fight them. Zapier has more than 200 employees, and all of them work remotely. GitHub, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has 1200 employees from more than 60 countries. We should not forget such giants as Adobe, Amazon, Spotify, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Automattic: they too are actively implementing remote workplaces and continue to show impressive results to the world.
"We trust our employees and empower them to shape their own work so they can achieve the best results," Siemens CEO Roland Busch.

How to organize the team's work from both home and office?

It is not enough to simply decide to switch employees to a remote or hybrid format with office visits 2-3 times a week. It is necessary to take care of technical support: computers, microphones, cameras and software.

For successful interaction of all team members, remote work should be built into the company structure. Logitech, a pioneer in the tech industry, offers the best solutions for this. The brand's experts have conducted dozens of studies to identify the main "pains" and wishes of the business. This allowed them to create a whole arsenal of tools to help overcome space and optimize remote work.

Thus, one of the most important processes was the transfer of meetings and negotiations to the electronic environment. Most often complex VCS-systems are used for this purpose: conference cameras, video-bars, speakerphones. According to Logitech and NAFI, 52% of companies equipped with such systems use them from 1 to 3 times a week, and a quarter (24%) - from 4 to 7 times a week.

Why does your business need Logitech hardware? Let's break it down.

  1. The brand combines all the video collaboration tools we know into a single ecosystem. That means your camera and headset, for example, will work properly together. You won't have to spend time troubleshooting technical
  2. Employees can concentrate on their work tasks without being distracted by technical nuances. Setup and use do not require specific skills or the help of IT-specialists, and software updates are available on the manufacturer's website absolutely free of
  3. The line between working in the office and at home (or anywhere else!) is virtually blurred. Logitech camcorders and headsets make your team feel like they're really there with amazing picture quality and connectivity. Imagine: Logitech cameras recognize human figures, human voices and analyze lighting conditions, automatically zoom in and out, and adjust audio volume to cancel out background
  4. Demonstrating excellent communication and utilizing cutting-edge technology emphasizes high status and responsibility. It generates admiration and trust - the kind of business you want to do business with.
  5. Logitech has solutions for online meetings in all types of spaces. We recommend the Rally Bar Mini for small meeting rooms, the Rally Bar for medium-sized meeting rooms, and the Rally Plus for large meeting rooms. Speakers and microphones can be positioned anywhere to extend the reach. Mounting options can also be customized for each room.
  6. Logitech products work seamlessly with Macs and other devices. They also have built-in video collaboration systems like MS Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

In addition to video conferencing, Logitech offers many peripherals. Mice and keyboards, presenters, device adapters, docking stations, headsets, and more. All of these will help you erase the boundaries between cities and countries and create a quality workflow.
A unique service from ASBC Azerbaijan: free Logitech product testing

Sometimes doubts about the right choice make you give up before you try something new. We suggest that you don't guess whether a particular piece of equipment is right for your business, but simply try it out!

ASBC is the official partner of Logitech in Azerbaijan. The company always meets the needs of its corporate clients and provides equipment for a free test. You and your employees can try out any Logitech demo kit, determine the technology needs of your business, and dispel any doubts before you buy.

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CEOs can argue at length about whether their employees should work in the office or at home. But instead, wouldn't it be better to ask them what they want? All people are different, someone needs a team and energetic atmosphere of the office, someone - complete silence and comfort of home environment. Some are forced to relocate, and it is unreasonable to let a top-notch specialist go because of a change of residence.

The future lies with companies that understand that despite the importance of the process, the result should be evaluated. Let people work from where they can bring maximum benefit.