Why are Logitech conference room solutions better than other brands?

There are meeting rooms in almost every office. However, the pandemic has significantly pushed the boundaries of the workspace and made more serious demands on its organization. In this new environment, employees in many companies are forced to conduct a hybrid type of interaction, working both in the office and remotely. Logitech offers unique technologies that differentiate you from other vendors to make your workflow as comfortable and productive as possible.
High price-performance ratio

Logitech devices are ideal for meeting rooms. The company produces reliable and durable video systems that are made from first-class materials and fully comply with all the stated characteristics. In this cost equipment Logitech is much more pleasant than similar quality products of other brands - for example, Cisco, Polycom and others.

Logitech developed Rightsence technology provides optimum framing of all participants of the conference, webinar or presentation, automatically adjusts light balance and color rendering, improves voice clarity, leveling out background noise and echo, and also levels the voice range and focuses on the speaker so that all meeting participants can be heard.

The most convenient are the ready-made kits: for small rooms - Rally Bar Mini, for medium size - Rally Bar, for large venues - Rally Plus. If the configuration of the room is non-standard, our specialists will develop a customized solution for you. With Logitech, you can create an office space where you can work comfortably and conveniently.

Easy administration and intuitive interface

Not long ago, it was impossible to set up a high-quality video conference without the participation of IT specialists. In order to organize an online conference, you had to connect a dozen different gadgets, set the necessary settings, and bonus is that you had to tangle in endless wires. In addition, the equipment took up quite a lot of space, which also caused some inconvenience.

Today, video conferencing does not cause any difficulties for the employees and does not require any specific competence in the IT-sphere. Solutions from Logitech are intuitive to set up and easy to manage, and meet the latest technical requirements.

Let's take the Rally Bar video system as an example. It is one of the most popular and most versatile video panels for medium-sized rooms with the ability to expand for larger rooms. Why should you pay attention to it?

  • Unparalleled image quality, close to cinematic quality. The device is equipped with a multi-element lens supporting 4K resolution, 5x optical zoom and a 90° viewing angle.
  • Always in the spotlight. Intelligent technology, people detection, pan, tilt and zoom allows the video system to keep a close eye on everything that's going on during a meeting, focusing on what's important while capturing even the smallest details.

  • Perfect sound. The Rally Bar audio system has a frequency range of 90 Hz - 16 kHz, sound capture range up to 4.5 m, AEC acoustic echo cancellation system, VAD voice activity detector and AI noise suppression filter. In addition, it supports the possibility of installing 3 additional microphones for large conversations. You can be sure: you will definitely be heard.

  • No hassle to connect. Thanks to Plug and Play technology, all the routine device setup work is done automatically, making it quick and easy to connect your device to Windows and MacOS computers. A new device is recognized in seconds and there is no need to reboot the computer or install specific software.

  • Easy installation. Logitech focuses on easy, stable connectivity with minimal cabling and a sturdy mounting system. Just place your device on a flat surface, plug in the cable and you're ready to get productive. No unnecessary steps and no wasted time.

The company has a wide variety of solutions: cameras of different types, docking stations, microphones, headsets and speakers. It is possible to assemble the necessary set for video communication individually. But an important advantage of the video bar is the all-in-one principle, which means "all-in-one". The Rally Bar already contains everything you might need for a video conference. In addition, the device is available in several colors, and you can choose the one that will look better in the interior of your office.

Fast integration and compatibility with leading platforms

Logitech is an official partner of the world's best video conferencing platforms. That's why all the solutions we offer are certified and fully compatible with major video conferencing applications, including MS Teams, ZOOM, Google Meet, Pexip and others.

The full range of video conferencing solutions ensures fast and easy integration. For example, Rally Bar doesn't even require a connection to a computer: the basic applications are already built into the device, so meeting participants can proceed with an online meeting without any preamble. Although, if necessary, the video bar quickly connects to a Mac or PC without subsequent reboot. Such details save time, increase productivity and simply leave a pleasant impression.

Logitech's entire product line comes pre-configured for specific services. For example, Logitech video conferencing systems with Google Meet include absolutely everything you need for a conference. It comes with a MeetUp or Rally camera, a Tap touch controller and a mini computer. You can start a conference in one touch, but most importantly, participants get access to other Google services as well. Software updates will be automatic, and Google Workspace administrator console will allow you to manage the system. Everything for comfortable and productive work of users.

Complete turnkey solutions

Logitech products form a versatile ecosystem of solutions, including hardware, software, services and world-class partnerships. This makes it possible to consider not just individual devices, but comprehensive solutions that work perfectly together.

Due to a variety of products customers can equip any type of room, so-called, "turnkey" - from small rooms for webinars to conference rooms for large-scale presentations. At the same time, such high-quality equipment will not require your team a long training or special skills.

In addition to the fact that the company is constantly introducing new ideas and technologies, expanding its ecosystem, it does not forget about the stylish appearance of its devices. The eye-catching design speaks to the attention to detail that is especially important in everyday use.

ASBC is an authorized Logitech partner in Belarus. We offer all the necessary devices to equip meeting rooms, as well as workplaces in the office and at home. And we do it in the shortest possible time.

We also offer equipment tests: our specialists will bring the devices to your office for free, set them up and show how they work.

Discover Logitech products and solutions that meet your needs. Leave a request on our feedback form and a manager will contact you with all the details.