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Designed for a life on the go.
The Beocom series brings Scandinavian design values to the world of business. With B&O signature sound & crystal-clear call quality. It is the natural choice that works both in the office, home or when travelling. The Beocom series is made for collaboration, being compatible with the most used communication platforms.
Designed for
B&O signature sound
The devises are perfected by renowned B&O acoustic engineers. Providing unlimited and uncompromised sound. The speakers and microphones have been optimized for crystal clear conversations
and ANC to block out unwanted background noise.
Certified for hybrid work
Made for collaboration. The new Beocom series
is compatible with the most popular communication platforms like MS Teams, Zoom and Google.
Creating a seamless set-up and connectivity experience. USB dongle included.
Crafted for everyday
use & comfort
Bringing Scandinavian design values to the world of
business. Timeless design combined with uncompromised craftmanship. With an ultra-comfortable fit, rest assured to always keep a representable look, whether you are in a conference call, working from your desk or travelling on the go.

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Transform the way you work
Always moving
From behind your desk, home or travelling. Beocom Portal delivers crystal clear sound whenever & wherever you work. Combining B&O’s signature sound, quality materials & a seamless intuitive design, the world for business professionals are forever changed. Beocom Portal supports your most used communication platforms like MS Teams, Zoom & Google.
· Beocom Portal Headphones
· USB-A dongle
· USB-A to USB-C cable
· 3.5 mm audio cable (1.25 m)
· Travel case
On the road or working from home. Beocom EX is the perfect flexible product with a compact fit. Always in reach from your pocket. The superior versatility, ergonomic design & clear sound quality, makes it perfect for modern hybrid workers constantly on the move.
· Beocom EX earphones
· USB-A dongle
· USB-A to USB-C cable for charging
· Comply ™ Medium size
· Silicone tips, 4 sizes
· Quick start guide
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Incorporate Bang & Olufsen products into your client's design project and receive a 6% commission on each product realized.

Iconic quality since 1925

The Bang & Olufsen acoustic brand was born in Denmark, in a country renowned for its dedication to the highest quality, authenticity and aesthetics in every detail. For 96 years B&O has stood by these benchmarks and created unique audio products made from premium materials that are comfortable and enjoyable to live with.

Listen, it's impressive

Beoplay A9 Gen 4
Beoplay A9 was inspired by sound and music. The shape is a circle, and it was chosen because sound waves propagate in circles. Beoplay A9 consists of a small number of elements that are used to the maximum and made from the finest materials: high quality wood, plastic, aluminum and very good fabric.
Beosound Balance
With Beosound Balance's beam shaping technology, it provides sound directionality for focused listening from all positions, all in one device. The design was created in collaboration with Benjamin Hubert of Layer Design, a London-based creative studio specializing not only in design, but also in creating unique user interfaces.
Beosound Level
Beosound Level stands for aesthetics, practicality and durability. You can place it anywhere with confidence. Providing up to 16 hours of battery life, this sleek speaker graces any room it moves into.
Beosound 2
Beosound 2 delivers great, truly powerful sound reproduction. The implementation of Acoustic Lens Technology in a seamless, conical aluminum speaker cabinet creates a 360 degree sound panorama that fills an entire room, no matter where you put it.

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Use Bang & Olufsen products in your work and you will not only make your project original, but also provide it with a stylish and functional acoustic solution for the interior.
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